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Predictive maintenance

PLEQ, based in the United Kingdom and Belgium, is specialising in the domain of predictive maintenance, and is an AllThingsTalk partner for this domain. Using the AllThingsTalk IoT Application Enablement Platform, the PLEQ Predictive Maintenance Suite helps companies to lower both maintenance costs and unplanned production downtime.

Problems in industrial environments

In industrial environments, typical maintenance techniques today rely on costly handheld sensors, a huge workforce and a proactive and organisation-wide ethos to effectively carry out "preventative maintenance".

86% of cases are ineffective, and "run to failure" is accepted as the norm. The reality is production unexpectedly halts, reactive measures disrupt schedules, unwieldy replacement stocks are necessary and repair bills result in spiralling costs.

Extreme cases of downtime cost over €90k per hour and emergency work averages over €20k an asset. The intangible damage due to loss of face and environmental disaster cannot even be quantified.

PLEQ solutions

PLEQ designs, develops and deploys, ready to use cloud-connected sensors and easy-to-use analytic solutions, which help customers to prevent unplanned downtime and optimise operations and costs.

The PLEQ Predictive Maintenance Suite, is a complete hardware, app and analytics package that works out of the box. Engineers can use it in minutes and immediately monitor, receive warnings and gain insight anywhere, anytime via PLEQ Apps.

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