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Helping elderly people living longer at home.

Liato is an innovative system that uses unobtrusive technology in existing homes to improve the quality of life for elderly people living independently by monitoring day-to-day activities. Liato informs family and carer givers when trends appear.

Liato lets people live longer independently, brings peace-of-mind to their loved ones and provides elderly people a system where help is just a push notification away.

How It works

The system uses unobtrusive TRIPIR sensors in the home in combination with a wearable device. Sensorfusion® technology allows to determine the area of interest and to monitor the activity of the elderly.

An Innovative system which contributes to society

As the average age of humans increases, the number of elderly people that needs facilities in homes and care taker places increases. This is not only a high cost for the family but also for our society. Liato helps in keeping our health sector affordable and invests in a proactive healthcare.

Measuring Trends

Liato monitors daily activities of people using innovative Sensorfusion® technology and uses modern techniques for pattern and anomaly recognition. By combining location and activities, the system can detect patterns and provides daily and weekly trend analyses about the condition and health of the elderly.

The system communicates these trends non-invasively towards family, carers and professionals, providing valuable information for better care.

Alert when needed

When the systems detects abnormal behavior which indicates an alarming situation, people around the elderly will be notified immediately, providing a safe feeling.

Elderly people can also communicate to their family or loved one’s by tapping on the wearable device and reach out for help.

TRIPIR SENSOR technology

The TRIPIR is a revolutionary sensor with the ability to register the physical area-of-interest where the person is situated. Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the sensor communicates with all other sensor nodes in the home.

Wearable Device

The wearable device communicates acceleration and other parameters of the elderly person. Combined with the TRIPIR sensors, the system can distinguish the activities of the elderly person.


The gateway collects all data and sends it to the cloud, where machine learning algorithms can detect patterns and give feedback to family and carers using the simple mobile app.


The Liato system is currently under development, below you can find achieved milestones and further planning for the project.

  1. 2013 - 2014 Liato project ideation phase
  2. May 2014 Liato project startup
  3. May - October 2014 Design & architecture validation
  4. December 2014 User Validation October
  5. Nov 2014 - Feb 2015 Prototype of the Liato TRIPIR sensor and wearable device
  6. April 2015 Small production batch
  7. May - October 2015 First field test sensor network in existing homes on the APIA platform
  8. October 2015 - feb 2016 Mobile Application development
  9. March 2016 - June 2016 Second field test LIATO in existing homes on the APIA platform
  10. Fall 2016 Commercialization phase


This project is realized together with a number of partners and in collaboration with the Flemish government.

Investor relations

Investors interested in participating in the LIATO project can get in touch via:

Sales Team