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What’s in the kit?

Arduino computer, LoRa™ Radio and plug n' play sensors. Powered by solar and battery.

AllThingsTalk Maker is an IoT Application Enabler offered as-a-service, temporary free for developers.

Ready to connect to a number of different LoRaWAN™ IoT Networks supported by AllThingsTalk Maker

In The Box

IoT Computer - SODAQ Arduino

The SODAQ (Solar Data Acquisition) Arduino is a powerful microcontroller with Grove modular connectors for I/O, Bee socket, Micro SD, Real Time Clock and it's super power efficient.

LoRa™ Radio Module

The all important LoRa™ Module with 15km range, secure and low power, and it’s ready to connect to a number of different LoRaWAN™ IoT Networks supported by AllThingsTalk Maker.

Carefully Selected Sensors

You'll receive 10 carefully selected modules for experimenting with LoRa™.

Including sensors for Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Light, Sound, GPS Location, Accelerometer, PIR Motion detector, Air Quality, Magnetic Door Switch, and a Push button!

Don't forget there are over 100 other Grove modules for robotics, home automation and much more.

AllThingsTalk Maker

AllThingsTalk Maker is an IoT Application Enabler offered as-a-service.

AllThingsTalk Maker is the most convenient and versatile way to develop your IoT prototypes quickly. It helps you create, connect and interact with your things in hours, not days.

AllThingsTalk Cloud takes care of device provisioning and data aggregation and offers functionality such as notification, visual analytics and an easy to use rules engine.

Simply register to the AllThingsTalk Maker and you will discover an environment that lets you connect and set-up your devices.

Automation made easy

Make your ideas as easy as when-this-then-that

LoRaWAN™ Network

LoRa™ is a radio technology for connected devices, offering an alternative to cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G) for low power, mobile applications.

LoRa™ is a long range – low power radio protocol for applications which can utilise low bandwidth.

These devices operate without SIM cards and consume very little energy, resulting in battery operation of up to 10 years.

The LoRa™ name and associated logo are trademarks of Semtech Corporation or its subsidiaries.

AllThingsTalk LoRa™ Networks

At AllThingsTalk we are partnering with key LoRa™ players to deliver an easy onboarding experience so you can develop your ideas and create value, and not having to worry about the bits and bytes of implanting technical solutions.

AllThingsTalk partner LoRaWAN™ providers

Experiments & Reference Designs

We've built 3 custom experiments for you to explore the power of LoRa™.

Guard your stuff

Get notified when someone moves your things, and then track and trace the location in real-time to find things which go missing.

Count visits

Count how many times a door is used, you could track bathroom visits, customers entering your shop or how many times your refrigerator is opened!

Environmental sensing

Monitor 5 different environmental factors, configure threshold alerts and store data for analysis to see trends

What are you going to make?

We all have great ideas, but sometimes it takes a bit of help to get them off the ground. Share your ideas at and get a chance to win some expert support.

Docs & Support

Discover the power of LoRa™ and the AllThingsTalk Cloud with simple and concise documentation.

Checkout other microcontrollers, Smart devices and API's you can include in your AllThingsTalk IoT apps.

We're always on hand to help at
Check out the documentation

LoRaWAN™ Rapid Development Kit

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Buy Now International To connect to any LoRaWAN network Buy Now Belgium To connect to the Proximus IoT network

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Check out the LoRaWAN™ based Track-and-Trace Product Kit for Developers and Business Innovators

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The LoRa™ name and associated logo are trademarks of Semtech Corporation or its subsidiaries. Semtech, the Semtech logo and LoRa™ are registered trademarks of Semtech Corporation. LoRaWAN™ is a trademark of Semtech Corporation.