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So you’ve decided to make something genius using an Arduino kit. But you still need some inspiration for what that ‘something genius’ could actually be? If that’s the case, be sure to stick around because we’ve collected 5 easy to built ‘life hacks’ using an Arduino kit.

1. Secret knock gumball machine

You love candy but you’re not very keen on sharing your precious treats? Place it ‘behind bars’ with a custom made ‘secret knock gumball machine’. With this gumball machine you only receive a treat when you perform the programmed knock rhythm on the knock panel. Sounds sweet doesn’t it? You can make your own copy with only an Arduino, a piezo sensor and a servo-driven gumball dispensing wheel.

2. Arduino mail notifier

Expecting an urgent letter or package but you’re not at home? Or your mailman has a ‘whenever I feel like it’ attitude? Then we have the answer: Try building yourself a mail notifier which alerts you whenever there’s mail. When the sensor in your mailbox is triggered, it transmits a signal to the receiver, fe. a computer or a smartphone. The requirements? Only two Arduinos, some cheap RF modules and a light sensor.

3. Selfmade alcohol tester

Never drink & drive at the same time! But there’s always gonna be an occasion where you ‘accidentally’ drank one too many. At those moments it’s great to have an alcohol tester at the ready to check if you’re still capable of driving.

But where to find one of those breathalyzers? Instead of searching the world wide web, you can easily build a selfmade alcohol tester. The only things you need are an Arduino, an MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor, a power source and a couple of LED’s in the colours red and green (or whatever floats your boat).

4. Hands free Arduino trashcan

Afraid of getting your hands dirty when you throw something into the trashcan? Then a hands free version is the perfect solution! You can build one yourself with ease. The only requirements here are of course a trashcan, an Arduino, an inexpensive range ultrasonic sensor and a servo motor. Clean hands guaranteed!

5.The cat feeding machine

As a cat owner, you’re probably sick and tired of your feline friend disrupting your precious beauty sleep because it needs to be fed. Well, not anymore! It’s high time for your cat to become a bit more independent.

Using only an Arduino, a servo, a simple button, a power supply and two cans (one for housing the electronics, the other for the food.), you can easily build an automated food dispenser. You fill the can up with food once a week and your cat does the rest. If it’s hungry, your little pet simply pushes the button and the food will come out.