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As of today AllThingsTalk integrates Loriot connectivity into its class leading AllThingsTalk Maker application. The recognised versatility of the AllThingsTalk LoraWAN ™ Rapid Development Kit combined with AllThingsTalk Maker is now increased with the reach of the Loriot LoRaWAN offering.

The AllThingsTalk Rapid Development Kits and AllThingsTalk Maker application today are embraced by developers and business developers worldwide for IoT prototyping. The LoRaWAN ™ Rapid Development Kit and LoRaWAN ™ Track & Trace Product Kit in particular have a great appeal as they offer a LoRa ™ radio module to connect to these low power and high range networks designed for Internet of Things products.

AllThingsTalk LoraWAN™ Rapid Development Kits and other LoRa™ enabled devices connected to the Loriot network can now easily be setup in AllThingsTalk Maker to manage and organise access to the data collected by these devices. Loriot’s unique offering enables you to connect your devices to the Loriot network or build your own virtual private IoT network and is already live in more than 70 countries. Connecting your individual gateway to the Loriot network offers you the benefits of this robust and secure network, wherever located across the world.

About AllThingsTalk

AllThingsTalk is a Belgian company based in Ghent with a branch office in Belgrade, Serbia. AllThingsTalk markets a scalable IoT Application Enabler which can be used as an agile, rapid prototyping environment, as well as for full service roll-out of connected products. Called AllThingsTalk Maker it lets you connect your devices over a variety of networks and seamlessly manages devices and users, organising access and usage of the collected data.


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About Loriot with it’s headquarter in Zürich, Switzerland, is one of the worldwide leading and fastest growing IoT LPWA software, solution providers. Loriot offers one of the most reliable, secure and especially user friendly platform for small to large LoRaWan deployments all around the world. Our geographically distributed LoRaWan cloud with more than 3000 users is providing low-latency access to your gateways at and frequency, back-ends and users world-wide.

Since beginning of 2015, it has been delivering convincing, responsive IoT projects to our customers in more than 90 countries. It has significantly reduced their development effort and shortened time to market. For IoT network deployment, our software is available as a managed or unmanaged service on our infrastructure, or can be licensed for your private cloud or bare metal servers. As a Swiss company we have a very strong focus on the security of our clients data and serve our clients with high quality services, with a user friendly platform and reliable servers around the globe. (Stand December 2016)


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