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The Internet of Things is booming. It connects devices (for example everyday consumer objects and industrial equipment) onto the network. Besides this, it enables information gathering and management of these devices via software become more efficient, enable new services and achieve benefits in all kinds of sectors.

Big companies like IBM and Samsung are investing a lot to keep up with this new evolution, called the third wave in the development of the Internet. We are happy to share the new 5 IoT 5 trends you have to know!

1. The security of things

Nowadays, security and privacy becomes more and more important. The most successful solution providers are the ones who can help enterprises to deliver connected services and at the same time secure them.

2. Showcasing products

More and more IoT companies are starting up a business. The products they developed, have to find a way to the customers. So most of the IoT companies are demanding a way to showcase their products and those of their developers and ecosystem.

3. It’s not about things, it’s about service

It is important to know that the Internet of Things is not just about “things”. The focus is on the quantifiable impact of new services (like revenue or new experiences). IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, stated that there will be 22 billion internet of things devices in 2018. Furthermore, 200 000 new apps and services will develop. That’s huge, isn’t it?

4. IoT will be everywhere

It is impossible to walk around the Internet of Things. From connected homes, connected cars to smart buildings and transportation. Every aspect of our lives will be affected by the ability to connect to and control everything around us. Connected homes for example include connecting household appliances to the network. This results in advantages such as improved security, remote management of devices and energy management. Think about smart door locks or a connected smart kitchen.

5. Data is king

Thanks to the Internet of Things, there is a lot of data available. Now, the most important challenge is to figure out how to make this data actionable. The companies who will succeed, will survive!

The digital world is changing fast. New trends and developments are occurring in quick successions. But of all those technology trends, the Internet of Things is the biggest one. It is going to change our lives and give us the most disruption as well as the most opportunity over the next five years. Let’s see how big it is going to be in the future…