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This weekend the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels is hosting their own annual and third edition of EHackB, a hackathon/Maker event/LAN party, packed with plenty of young minds building innovative and crazy concepts.

With a host of great speakers discussing ethical hacking, bug bounties, industrial design and more, it's set to be a conducive event with something for everyone.

AllThingsTalk will be on hand to support the Creative Corner, building IoT prototypes using our Arduino and Raspberry Pi Rapid Development Kits.

Raspberry Pi & Arduino Tinkering

In the creative corner, IoT is the main topic at hand with ideas concerning domotica, Smarter sleeping (Although participants probably won't be doing much!), anti-theft devices for vehicles, Christmas automation and a whole lot more.

Robotics Galore

Beyond the tinkering some serious robotics was at play. There were basic mechanical devices, Lego Mindstorm line following bots, and Arduino powered robotic arms.

Unfortunately the evening is just getting started so we'll have to wait and see the end results!

Game Boy XXL

Not something we'd normally feature, but Ilhan √únal from the EHB has built possibly the word's largest Game Boy.

It was still early chatting with Illhan, with many more hours of tinkering left, be a working version was being used my lots of fans.

An impressive feat showing a number of great maker skills using laser cutting, some custom electronics, a little programming and a Raspberry Pi to drive the XXL Game Boy to play all the classics.

You can find out more at and see the beast in action!