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To inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and IoT innovators, IOTOPIA launched in Belgium this school year with a competition to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunities for youngsters to explore the Internet of Things.

The purpose?

To let the younger generation brainstorm and prototype concepts which deliver value in a social and economic sense, at home, in school and in the city.

How does it help kids?

The initiative, supported by education and technology leaders, delivers an entire framework of resources, guidance and class materials, for both generating ideas and developing prototypes.

The framework introduces and promotes STEM topics in a fun and easy way, which brings simple recipes to the classroom, to spark creative thinking, and apply it to real day-to-day problems we all face.

How do kids get involved?

It's totally free for education institutes to get involved and access all resources.

As well as ONE HUNDRED IoT starter kits to be given away for kids to build Lego simple prototypes, via the IOTOPIA ideation competition. Thanks to sponsors such as Intel and Mobistar.

Interested in getting your kids or School involved?

Get in touch with your child's School and community STEM leaders and have them join the initiative.

Sign up at

Where can I find more details?

Many more details can be found at and (The first competition round is only launched in Dutch)

I don't live in Belgium and I'm not a Dutch speaker, but I want to get involved

The launch of IOTOPIA is starting in Belgium but we're preparing for bigger and better editions in the future.

If you would like the competition to come to your country, let us know by signing up to bring the competition to you.

Become a supporter or partner?

Would you like to get involved? Launch the competition in your own area? Help with hands on workshops to inspire kids to become the next Jobs, Gates, or Zuckerberg?

Let us know by becoming a supporter and partner, or just follow us on Facebook!