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As you're following our updates, we can assume you're pretty interested in moving your business, career or life in a more connected direction.

This week we had the pleasure of hosting a two day workshop for a large service provider here in Belgium, consisting of a jam packed event around innovating the Internet of Things, to teach, inspire, share, discuss opportunities and actually build connected products and services.


The workshop kicked off with a scope setting session focusing on Prototyping the Internet of Things, exploring technologies, the landscape and possibilities of prototyping.

The big take away from this session, approach problems currently faced and make them opportunities!

Our top tips to create value from IoT prototyping:

  • Evaluate, test and learn just enough about the latest technologies
  • Find inspiration for new ideas by remixing existing solutions
  • Validate opportunities using business model prototyping
  • Adopt a reusable method to measure and compare opportunities


The next session took participants on a journey to truly understand and discover ideas with some help from our friends at Studio Dott.

The IoT Ideation Toolkit was used to understand where, what and how do people interact with their environments.

Key take aways for ideating IoT solutions:

  • Keep an open mind throughout when changing the scope of the ideation process
  • Use a structured methodology for generating ideas to harness the power of creativity
  • Some ideation exercises can seem repetitive but it ensures you have a true understanding of your users and the context of the problems, work through it!

Value Proposition Design

One of the most important sessions of the workshop, Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation.

The goal here, identify, elaborate and enrich the value propositions that your solution provides to your customer segments. Takeaways you should consider:

  • Be concrete with your propositions and make it a tangible product or service users can grasp
  • Adding limitations or considering the strengths of your businesses core assets can allow you to remix existing products
  • Finally, don't fall in love with your first ideas, create, compare and learn from your findings

If you're interested in learning more about how you can profit from the Internet of Things, get in touch and see how we can organise tailor-made innovation workshops and hackathons for you!