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Calling all innovators!

Here's a short follow up from last week's update on Hack-a-Post, the first hackathon to explore how IoT technologies and postal assets can improve society.

To get you acquainted with the power of an IoT Network, AllThingsTalk Rapid Development Platform is the most convenient way to get you started.

Here's a few tips to make the most of that LoRa RDK that's available at Hack-a-Post.

Making IoT happen with the LoRa RDK

Don't reinvent the wheel - Experiment code does the hard work for you! Your newly acquired LoRa RDK includes free developer/maker access to AllThingsTalk IoT Prototyping platform and community, SmartLiving.

Reference design software is included to quickly set up experiments based on recognisable scenarios.

Deploy hardware, automate with the Cloud

SmartLiving's real-time rules engine lets you manage your logic from the cloud, so you can deploy your devices and change things on the fly, wherever they might be in the world.

Go mobile, go solar, go on battery.

With the Low Power benefits of LoRa, you can make really mobile smart devices that just work. Imagine a truly connected wearable that can collect real-time data from across a city. No longer will you be tethered by cables!

The Experiments


Detect unexpected movement of an object and send out notifications to its owner. Furthermore, the experiment shows how you can track the object using its GEO location.


Improve facility management with usage based on real time measurements to optimise cleaning schedules rather than fixed times.

Check out Count Visits


Monitor the quality of your surrounding environment. Measure in- and outdoor air quality, noise levels and temperature.

Check out Environmental Monitoring

Can't make the hackathon? Have your own with a LoRa RDK and the AllThingsTalk IoT Prototyping Platform and build something innovative!

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