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Hello to you all,

It's been a while because we have worked hard on improvements in the AllThingsTalk Cloud for you, makers and developers. Long time since you last signed in? Have a look.

We're also happy to announce we expanded our offering in the AllThingsTalk shop with Thematic Sensor Packs. Each sensor pack contains a set of carefully selected sensors and/or actuators which address a particular theme such as environmental sensing, identity control, location tracking etc.

You might find them a great way to start your Easter holiday hacking!

And of course all the sensors can be easily connected to SmartLiving.


Discover the sensor packs


The sensor kits also include coloured bricks which allow you to easily mount sensors on objects. They are even Lego™ compatible!

For the IOTOPIA school project, an AllThingsTalk colleague connected some Lego™ houses to stay in touch with long distance relations. See how he did it!

Already own an IoT Board?

If you already own a Raspberry Pi or Arduino (compatible) board, a grove base shield from our shop could be a great add-on. Grove shields let you connect your computer and sensors the easy way, no struggle to find out how to physically connect them to build your prototype.


Discover the grove shields