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For our last update of the year, we have a few more treats with a preview of the upcoming release of SmartLiving Maker, the IoT Rapid Prototyping Platform.

Ground Dashboards & Pin-able Widgets

A personal favourite and a long awaited feature we're sure you'll like. Ground dashboards and pin-able widgets.

We've made it simple to setup dashboards for your ground, where you can pin all the important things, so you can access them with ease and to get a overview of everything going on in your Internet of Things.

Imagine unique dashboards for your home, office, car, workplace or any other physical location that you share with other people. A ground dashboard will give a central and customisable place for everyone to get involved.

Easy Onboarding

We know how overwhelming IoT can be, so we're revamping the whole process for you and those who you invite to get started quickly.

Whether they're a tech wizard or an elderly family member you want to get connected, we're hoping to really lower the barriers.

A lot more assistance will be available as soon as anyone arrives to your grounds to help them get started. Here's a preview of some support areas we'll be focusing on.

Create and manage Grounds

The Ground is your prototyping canvas, everything you do happens in a ground context.


Setup devices within a ground

Choose a type of device you want to create, download and setup your sketches. define your smart assets and setup control widget based on asset profiles.


Invite colleagues, friends or family

You can share your devices with members of your ground. Add members and let them interact with your smart things.


Get notified

Get notified about different events in a ground. Receive notification when sensors change state, when lights are turned on or when new people get involved.


Automate using rules

Setup when-then rules to automate interactions using a day/time scheduler or allow them to interact to the events from other sensors.


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