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The new SmartLiving Maker has arrived! The latest release of SmartLiving, the AllThingsTalk Developer Community.

Along with the flashy new mail banner, you may be asking yourself What is this AllThingsTalk Developer Community? Well, it's an effort to bring our solutions and services into a clearer and more accessible package for you.

What it means is a unified experience, better access to experts and it will accelerate your results when building connected products and projects. More on this in another update....

Our company website has also been revamped to coincide with the SmartLiving Maker release. Check it out!


Time for the important news.

The new release of SmartLiving comes with a huge amount of functionality, which has slowly been described over the past weeks, and now it's ready for you to take your IoT projects to the next level.

Over the coming updates we'll show you how easy it is to build bigger, better and Smarter IoT applications, invite friends and family, and even build more intelligent automation scenarios.

Check out SmartLiving Maker


This week, we'll explain Grounds, with a short example to get you started.

Grounds may seem like an odd word, but it refers to a physical or logical space where things interact, much like a play-ground for your IoT Things.

As explained in a previous update, Grounds let you connect people with your things, and manage how they interact.

The Coffee Ground Scenario

Coffee. The lifeblood of most developers. Their biggest fear? Arriving at the office Monday morning to find the machine is empty or worse... Broken.

Luckily we have the means to stop this from happening with the power of Grounds!

So how does it work?

Alice creates a ground Office.

She adds Bob, Charlotte and Dave, head of coffee-operations, to the ground as members.

Next a Smart 'Coffee device' is created by Alice with sensor assets showing

ground controls

  • Water temperature
  • The amount of beans left
  • The global state of the machine (on/off, broken, etc)

This is how Alice sees the Ground overview in her account. The four square icons below the Ground name tell her a few details.

ground header

  • She is the owner (Represented by the owner icon)
  • The ground is public (Shown with a globe icon)
  • There is one device in the Ground
  • There is four members which belong to the Ground

So how does this solve the Monday morning coffee commotion?

  • All members of the group can view the coffee device and it's sensor assets in real-time
  • They now know when they can grab a cup of coffee right away and when the device isn't working properly
  • A rule is created to notify the ground members when the number of beans is running dangerously low so Dave knows when to save the day
  • A rule can be created to count the amount of beans used to suggest when a new batch of coffee should also be ordered

Of course this is just the start. Any other IoT devices in the office can be added to the ground! With different rules and notifications for different members, making it easy to manage and customise how people and your things interact.

For more information check out the Grounds docs, and keep your eyes open for other new features you can find in the new release!

Check out SmartLiving Maker