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This week's news at AllThingsTalk,

We've launched two new apps for iOS and Android, check 'em out!

Download the SmartLiving Mobile App

Download from App store Download from Google Play

What's new?

The new app provides a whole new feature set, so you can bring SmartLiving with you anywhere, and share connected things with important people in your life.

You'll get real-time access to all your connected sensors, remotely control any device, and work with grounds you've configured from SmartLiving.

Push notifications come standard, allowing you to receive alerts from automation rules or any assets you like.

You'll also have access to lots of shiny new controls and widgets to visualise your connected Things.

Including maps, buttons, dials, sliders, colour swatch/picker, dropdown, text edit and much more.

Check out the docs to see what's available

Demo time - Connected Christmas Tree

Connected Christmas with SmartLiving Mobile and Grounds for Internet of Things

Here's a short showcase video of the app in action, which allows you to control a Connected Christmas tree.

This demo is using NodeMCU (with built-in WiFi) and enrolled with a SmartLiving grounds allowing anyone who has access to the 'Home' ground to access the Christmas Tree.

P.s - ESP8266/NodeMCU now integrates with SmartLiving, tutorial coming soon!