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We like to inform you about a change in the way we will use our newsletter in the future. Until now we sent out the newsletter on a weekly basis, covering a variety of topics related to the Internet of Things, our makers community, SmartLiving and our AllThingsTalk business activities. Not always 'news' per se.

Soon we will cover all these various IoT and AllThingsTalk topics of interest, which we like to share with you, on our AllThingsTalk Blog post.
As a result we will send the newsletter only to inform you on newsworthy subjects.

Why this change?

You, readers of our newsletter, have quite diverse areas of interest and are divers in your activities: DIY makers, professionals and business people.

We feel our blog is a better format to cover all areas of interest and reach such a diverse audience. It goes without saying our newsletter will remain our preferred way to divulge news from AllThingsTalk first, as well as we will continue to address our makers & developers with subjects of special interest to them.

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We will soon share our insights, thoughts and experiences on our blog, and we'll let you know when that happens first.

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