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Today we're happy to share our latest exciting creation...

The LoRa Rapid Development Kit

for Innovators and Business Developers

The first solution to rapidly prototype IoT ideas, using the long-range, low-power LoRa network! The latest addition to join the ranks of AllThingsTalk RDK's, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and Windows 10 IoT Core.


The first LoRa Rapid Development Kits will also receive free beta user access to the Proximus IoT network

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LoRa Experiments

Here's a preview of the experiments you can start building in just hours with this kit.

Track & Trace

Get notified when someone moves your belongings, and then track and trace the location in real-time to find them when they go missing.

You could track your bicycle, vehicle, expensive personal and professional assets, rental items, or even your pets and children, all with an app to see everything on a map!

Count visits

Count how many times spaces are entered, using a magnetic door sensor to better understand habits and operations.

You could count customers entering a shop, bathroom visits or how many times your refrigerator is opened.

Environmental Sensing

Monitor 5 environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, pressure, sound and light, configure thresholds and then define alerts to warn you when changes are detected.

You could use this in a greenhouse, office space, holiday apartment, in a smart city context or just in your home.

What's in the box?

The kit includes everything you need to start developing connected products, such as:

  • Arduino-style microcontroller
  • LoRa Radio Module
  • Grove modular Lego easy connectors
  • 10 different Grove modules (As well as the ability to connect hundreds of other Grove modules)
  • Solar panel
  • Rechargeable battery
  • IoT Cloud services and Web/Mobile Apps from the AllThingsTalk Developer Community

Order your Kit today