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First of all the entire team here at AllThingsTalk wishes you all a Happy New Year.

Our first update of 2016 and the year already looks promising for IoT. We are dedicated to bring new releases of SmartLiving Maker, the IoT Rapid Prototyping Platform and to share our vision of how IoT can be adopted into our daily lives.

And even though the year only just started, at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, a lot of new and improved smart devices were already presented. Ranging from smart skis over connected cars and drones to a smart Ninebot robot butler.


The Singularity Robot

This Ninebot Segway, dubbed the Hoverboard butler, is powered by Intel's RealSense technology. It allows the butler to perceive depth and obstacles in the house and even follow a human without the need of any other sensors.

The butler is positioned as a consumer product and will be an open platform so developers can create their own applications. By doing so, it can become much more than just another fancy home toy.

One solution is to make our smart devices even smarter and more autonomous. Another solution surfaces with the butler above. What if this butler could communicate with all our smart devices? What if it is capable of talking with and interpreting the data of all the smart devices in our house? The washing machine, smoke detector, doorbell, television, kitchen appliances and so on.

To achieve this all our smart devices need to be able to communicate with each other. Removing the boundaries between products, making them protocol agnostic and more importantly interpret all data for us using smart algorithms. This process without any human interaction is called data singularity.

When we add these assets to robots we enter a new era where technology becomes more human and can be used to create more personalized human experience.

'Google patents robots with personalities in first step towards the singularity'

At AllThingsTalk we are building generic smart components which can be applied in different projects. Each of these components allows you to add extra Brain Power to your project. The butler for example could be able to notify you when a home appliance is about to break-down or can predict when you will arrive at home and turn on the heating at the exact right moment.

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