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Sally Keys reacted recently to a post by us from late 2015 called "What are IoT design patterns". It reminded her of an article she published about a month ago. Here is her story we (and she) want to share with you.

"Like many people with too much to do, I fell in love with the idea of controlling all my devices and home electronics from my phone. Imagine waking up in the morning turning on the shower - at the perfect temperature, and the coffee machine while you are still abed. Then on the way home, preheating the oven, turning on the lights, getting the heating on, and the garage door to open by itself as I pull in.

In learning about how to connect all these things together with the Internet of Things or IoT for short, I have learned just how this technology is teaming up with the ever versatile LED light bulb to revolutionize lighting across the world. It’s not just at home either, but for businesses, for local authorities, for remote communities, but also for emergency service providers. It’s amazing to think that lighting will become so smart and efficient we can democratize street light by street light provision or brighten the scene of an accident to help first responders do their jobs better. I’ve taken the time to explore this in more depth and have found six ways we can combine lighting with IoT."

Sally Keys